Why We Need a New Breed of Leaders

It may seem obvious, but let’s face it: 20th Century is over, and it won’t come back.

Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

A new adventure begins. As in many other cases, the spark for this project was possible through a combination of vision, focus, hard work, some hunch, and the right amount of serendipity. So today, I’m happy to announce that I’m joining the EmpathifyU team as an Empathy Evangelist.

For years, I’ve been claiming for a new type of business. It was ok that the management paradigm for the second half of the 20th Century was so industrial, so much focused on productivity, efficiency, KPIs, processes, financials. It was the perfect match for a couple of centuries based on scientific division of labor, assembly lines, hierarchies, vertical organizations, and hard skills. To be clear, we were so amazed about machines that human beings were not much in the spotlight as the story’s protagonists. Good things were the permanent, the stable, the solid, the tough ones. Being immutable was a clear advantage, maybe THE advantage.

But things have changed, and the VUCA world showed us that living inside change is the natural and profound New Normal. In this new context, in which businesses need to adapt so quickly to never-ending transformation, we also need quite a bit different model for corporate management.

People are at the core of this new model, which was the concept when we created The Human Business in 2016. Putting back each of us at the center of corporate culture and the growth of the business was the only way to succeed in such a volatile and complex environment.

This requires new forms of leadership and a new breed of leaders able to drive the new reality and, why not say it, develop a new set of principles, values, and ethics in the corporate world. Sinek says, “a great leader is someone who makes their employees feel safe, who draws people into a circle of trust. But creating trust and safety — especially in an uneven economy — means taking on big responsibility.”

That’s why, when I found Ajit Dodani and EmpathifyU, I quickly aligned with the potential of a point-of-view that puts the person, their motivations, qualities, and objectives at the very heart of the business and personal success — embracing empathy as a superpower to drive personal and organizational success.

This is a significant shift in management. Stories and deep, moving communication come back to be the tool and trigger for healthier, agile, thriving corporate culture, able to trigger much more successful businesses with happier and more engaged teams.

Being an Empathy Evangelist means for me to develop this new breed of leaders, this new management paradigm that I believe can be the solution to most of the unbalances in corporate culture and the functioning of the organizations. Helping companies to implement this new model is a challenge I’m thrilled to take, like a missing piece of the puzzle I’ve been looking for for a few years.
Global, personal, meaningful, cutting-edge approach born in my beloved California. That’s why I feel lucky to be part of it.
The journey begins. Let’s get in touch.



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