It may seem obvious, but let’s face it: 20th Century is over, and it won’t come back.

A new adventure begins. As in many other cases, the spark for this project was possible through a combination of vision, focus, hard work, some hunch, and the right amount of serendipity. So today, I’m happy to announce that I’m joining the EmpathifyU team as an Empathy Evangelist.

For years, I’ve been claiming for a new type of business. It was ok that the management paradigm for the second half of the 20th Century was so industrial, so much focused on productivity, efficiency, KPIs, processes, financials. It was the perfect match for a couple of centuries based on scientific division…

Maybe the best word to summarise it all and work on it is AUTHENTICITY.

When trying to build your identity or the one that makes special your company or your organization, we always feel confused and overwhelmed, as things can get a bit emotional. It’s not only developing a brand for a product, for a place, for an experience; it’s about how you show up to the world.

First, of course, it is a matter of perception. Maybe you know yourself well (or maybe not), but probably you know more about yourself than any other individual, and therefore you need to face two main problems. Number one, it’s not easy to be objective, so…

Understand your market wherever you want to go and work on your ability to become familiar and trustworthy for your new clients.

One of the opportunities that the last year gave us is the ability to make our business global. Really? Especially if you’re selling services like consulting, training, coaching and mentoring, design, tech development, etc., odds are growing that you can try to access geographically more extensive markets. You’re an excellent professional, your local clients value you, and technology and pandemic gave us plenty of new options in terms of connectivity and service delivery.

But then, you stumble upon a stubborn reality: even though you speak languages, it seems to be no way to understand or access markets abroad. So you…

Here you have a few tips to be a better listener. Everybody will thank you, starting with yourself.

Hey, listen. Do you know you might have a superpower? Oh, which one? Yeah, right, just listen, that’s all.

Frankly, I never thought we could have superpowers. Still, Ajit Dodani showed us during a recent session he hosted in Clubhouse that we need to believe a bit more in ourselves and our capacity to activate parts of us that are usually “sleeping.”

So how do you get to be a better listener or communicator? Here are some ideas we got out of a conversation where many talented participants contributed.

  1. You may seem quiet and relaxed when you’re listening, but “not…

When somebody articulates into words a thought that you don’t even know you had… Man, that makes your day.

I want to give him the credit he deserves. A friend from Washington, Martin Freeman, who works as a senior consultant but is many other good things, dropped in a recent conversation the title of this article and ignited my curiosity. I have to admit I’d never heard the sentence (neither about the book), but I thought he put into words a thing I tried to explain a thousand times.

–Why are you meeting this person? Are they a client? A prospect? Do you want their advice about any project you’re running?

–No, I want to meet them; I want…

The Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) promoted by the European Union and China poses new challenges but opens the door to a different international economic relations approach.

The end of 2020 brought some unexpected news, as the European Union and China announced they reached an investment deal. With all the noise about covid, US election, and the usual slowdown during the season, it seems the agreement is going a bit more under the radar than one would expect according to its (apparent) importance. But is it just one more political move, or it will really move the needle in the international geopolitics and economic context?

At least for the European Union, this looks like a very relevant move promoted and published at the highest political level as…

Strategy is not dead, but more powerful and needed than ever to get your business into the successful path, at least, into the alive course. That’d be the motto.

I bet 2020 was such a weird year also for most of you. However, it was also time to put things in order, reflect, get ideas together, and that’s what I did, out loud, through my articles published here at Medium.

At the end of the year, it turned out I had gathered many thoughts about business strategy, about the lessons I learned from a few experiences through the latest twenty years. As most of them were evergreen, and I thought they could be useful for the businesses and professionals struggling to find a way out of the situation provoked…

It’s not only a matter of principles, values, or responsibility. It’s also because these sectors and activities could be among the ones with the highest growth potential in the next decade.

These days, many people are talking, with the arrival of the new year, of the beginning of another Roaring Twenties. This time, after another pandemic (like the Spanish flu that left between 20 and 50 million deaths), we can have a silver lining: the rise in the awareness of the dark side of globalization and how urgent it is to start taking serious action about the environment and climate change. On the other side, a foreseeable K-shaped economic recovery, and the impact of the crisis, hitting harder to most vulnerable groups, shows the risks of unbalanced economic development. Populists worldwide…

The sad story about Tony Hsieh remembers that the founders’ isolation can be a problem that comes up too often

The story is always very much the same. Much stress, a big deal of pressure, some old ghosts chasing you, and a sad ending. There’s always a person behind the persona, and that person is usually weaker, more contradictory. In short, a normal human being capable of the best and the worse, as we all are.

When you do big things, you carry an enormous burden, maybe too big for a single mind. The higher you climb, the harder you fall. …

Tip: you won’t find in them any sign of generosity.

Someone approached me last week. He was a Fake Entrepreneur, and he had a supposedly great idea for a new business. I listened, and I thought the concept could even have some potential if we could take care of every detail, doing it fast, thoroughly, and honestly.

In the beginning, it’s virtually impossible to identify a fake entrepreneur, but you could work your way with some quite simple steps. It’s difficult to know because they look active, creative, they have some kind of contagious energy. They have already done some smart work; they have taken some actions, making the whole…

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