Maybe the best word to summarise it all and work on it is AUTHENTICITY.

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Understand your market wherever you want to go and work on your ability to become familiar and trustworthy for your new clients.

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Here you have a few tips to be a better listener. Everybody will thank you, starting with yourself.

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  1. You may seem quiet and relaxed when you’re listening, but “not…

When somebody articulates into words a thought that you don’t even know you had… Man, that makes your day.

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The Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) promoted by the European Union and China poses new challenges but opens the door to a different international economic relations approach.

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Strategy is not dead, but more powerful and needed than ever to get your business into the successful path, at least, into the alive course. That’d be the motto.

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It’s not only a matter of principles, values, or responsibility. It’s also because these sectors and activities could be among the ones with the highest growth potential in the next decade.

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The sad story about Tony Hsieh remembers that the founders’ isolation can be a problem that comes up too often

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Tip: you won’t find in them any sign of generosity.

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This is how I got here, and the challenges I’d like to develop ahead.

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JM Piqué

Learner. Top writer in #Ideas, #Future, and #Government. I like living in the future. #Business is my main focus, but I can’t help to have many others.

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